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VHS Engineering provides complete solutions for structural steel detailing & drafting services. Our stringent adherence of global standards of AISC, NISD, CISC, OSHA and ASTM has not just brought us a great deal of credibility but has also helped us expand our client base. Today, we provide to clients from all corners of the globe. We work mainly on TEKLA software.

Our well-trained detailers work under the supervision of our vastly experienced project managers and together they make a winning combination. They have an enviable track record of delivering services with cent pre sent accuracy before deadline. With their skills and ability to identify snags at early stages, they bring down both the cost and time of the production and erection of steel members. We work with the motive of winning the trust and love of the client and foster a long-term relationship with them. No wonder, even as we are taking big strides and adding more names to our clientele list, our old clients have not thought of leaving us to try out someone else’ services. That kind of faith and reputation can’t be marketed, it has to be earned.

VHS Engineering steel detailing Deliverables

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  • Advanced B.O.Q for procurement from model
  • General arrangement drawings / Erection drawings
  • Assembly drawings/ singe parts / Erection drawings
  • Assembly list, part list, Bolt List (Shop / Field)
  • Output of CNC Machine, DSTV files for cutting and Drilling Dxf files for Plate Work
  • 3D Model which can be viewed in free BIM views such as Tekla BimSight
  • RFI communications thru commenting on actual 3D model using “Model Reviewer” which helps to clear RFI’s faster.
  • Erection sequences thru 3D models by colour coding of members / assemblies.
  • Anchor Bolt Setting Plans and details with Shop drawings for Anchor Bolts and Leveling plates Erection/Framing plans at all Floors and Roof with shop drawings for Columns, Beams and Bracings.

View our brochure for an easy to read guide on all of the services offer.

Our expert detailing team
is headed by experienced project managers. We Tekla software for steel detailing. We specialize in delivering structural steel fabrication drawings as well as erection drawings as per customer standards and guidelines. We are dedicated to fulfil clients expectations & meet their deadlines by complying with the technical standards of the Fabrication industry.

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  • Heavy steel detailing
  • Misc steel detailing
  • Deck detailing
  • Erection Drawings
  • Light gauge steel detailing
  • Connection Design

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